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Vip Escorts Madrid Meetings.

The most important thing for Vip Escorts Madrid is to make it clear to our customers that we are not a relax apartment in which there is a girls' walkway, or house in which the models make a schedule.

The escorts have their private life, studies, work, and combine all this with appointments that Vipescortsmadrid facilitates as a telemarketing and advertising company.

We offer services like advertising agency in tele-marketing on-line. Vipescortsmadrid has no employment relationship with the advertised people, we limit ourselves to the publication of advertisements and telemarketing on-line, declines any responsibility derived from the relationships that could be established by the advertised people with the web users, we certify that all photos and videos of the escorts advertisers are genuine.

We warn that texts can lead to misinterpretations especially in translations in several languages,You as a user of the Vipescortsmadrid portal when browsing the web from any language assumes the possibility of errors that can give rise to different grammatical interpretations in the content of the texts
If the girls have their own apartment you can go to their apartment, all in exclusive areas of Madrid. Intimate, discreet and comfortable. Also the escorts move to hotels and homes within the entire Comunifdad of Madrid.

In case that none of these options is valid for you we have different apartments arranged with Vipescortsmadrid for hours, evenings or full days.

  Apartamentos Divino Vallés
Divino Vallés 23, Madrid ~
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Apartamentos Betancourt
Calle Agustín de Betancourt, 23. Madrid ~
See map

Luxtal Balboa
Calle Núñez de Balboa, 116, Madrid ~
See map
Luxtal Cuzco
Calle Juan Ramón Jiménez, 8, Madrid ~
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